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Do you have trouble putting your infant to sleep? Do you feel worn out and burdened from not getting enough sleep at night? Your infant may benefit greatly from listening to music as they sleep soundly. According to studies, relaxing music can help newborns unwind and fall asleep more quickly while also giving them a sense of security. This will not only improve your baby's sleep, but it will also offer you the well-deserved rest you need. Learn how music may be a powerful tool for promoting quiet and good sleep for your infant. Continue reading to find out more about how music might be the ideal answer for both you and your child.


Listening to music can be an effective way to help babies sleep better.

  • Music can help reduce stress and anxiety in babies.
  • It can also help create a calming environment for babies.
  • Certain types of music, such as lullabies, or even classical music are especially beneficial for helping babies sleep.

Discover the best types of music to play for your baby and learn how it can improve their sleep quality!

Is there really music to help baby sleep?

How true is this?

Are there certain songs to make baby sleep better than others?

Music is proven to help babies go to sleep more easily, and it can even help toddlers, older kids, and adults sleep well, too. Music works by providing a soothing and calming effect for the listener and covering up any noisy household or neighborhood sounds at the same time.

In this article, we’ll show you some of our favorite songs to make a baby sleep. These are songs that are specifically designed to sound sleepy and soothing, so they can help your child go to sleep more easily. They can also help your little one stay asleep better when you play them while your baby naps, too.

Read on to find the best music to help kids sleep.

Option #1

Bedtime Lullaby for Sweet Dreams

This video includes two hours of soft, gentle music that is designed to create a sleepy and peaceful environment in no time. The music is slow and soft, and it includes gentle sparkling and whooshing noises now and then. This option features different songs that are all very similar to each other.

The music includes a looped video of a baby sleeping. Although there is some slight motion in this baby video, it isn’t enough that it will distract your child or keep them awake because of flashing lights or colors. The whole video is very calm and soothing.

Option #2

Very Relaxing and Soothing Baby Sleep Music

This help baby sleep music is designed to be played all night long if your baby needs it, but it can also be played for any length of time. This offer features a cute and colorful image of a pink owl sitting on a branch and swaying gently in the wind with the night sky in the background.

This video does, however, include multiple ad breaks. If your baby is a very light sleeper, these ad breaks will wake your child up, as they interrupt the flow of the music with loud talking and flashing colors.

Option #3

Baby Sleep Music – White Noise for Babies

This music has a gentle lullaby sound that resembles a music box or toy piano. This choice is a 38-minute video that provides enough melodies to help your baby get to sleep, but not enough to play throughout the night. The video also features gentle white noise that is layered behind the music and helps create an even more peaceful atmosphere. The white noise does not play very loudly.

Additionally, this video includes a simple, colorful image of friendly bugs on a flower-shaped mobile. The image is baby-friendly but isn’t so distracting that it will keep your child awake.

Option #4

Lullaby for Babies to Go to Sleep

This video includes a simple song that plays repeatedly throughout the length of the video. It is a slow and gentle melody that sounds like a music box, which makes it even more soothing. The video runs for just under 25 minutes, so it is not long enough for a full sleep or nap, but may work well to help babies settle down when they are fussy.

This video includes a still image of a sleeping baby with a simple line swirling above the child’s head. There are no bright flashing lights or colors.

Option #5

Piano Songs for Babies

This video includes music that is played on the piano and fits into the classical genre. Most of it is Mozart music, so you can also introduce your little one to culturally significant songs from an early age. Help your baby’s brain develop while encouraging a better night’s sleep at the same time with this video!

The video runs for 2 hours and 15 minutes, giving you plenty of time to get your baby soundly to sleep. It features a cute cartoon bear with a friendly smile and gentle colors that will not wake your baby.

Option #6

Lullaby Mozart for Babies

This video may provide enough soothing music to help your child fall asleep or take a short nap. However, it includes ads periodically throughout the length of the video, and this might be enough to disturb babies who are very light sleepers. Some of the ad breaks are quite long as well as noisy. For short bursts of gentle piano-style music, however, this video works well.

The video includes an image of a sleeping moon and baby snoozing. This image may be too colorful or flashy if the screen stays on your device while this video plays, and it may wake up some babies.

Option #7

Classic Music for Babies: Relaxing Bedtime Music

This music to make baby sleep features some of the most well-known baby lullaby tunes as well as some other classical music that can help your little one get sleepy and stay asleep longer. The video is long enough to last throughout a naptime, coming in at just under one hour in length.

While not long enough for a full night’s sleep, it provides plenty of music to help keep your child comfortable and peaceful while falling asleep. The video includes a still image that doesn’t cause a lot of flashing lights or colors while it plays.

Option #8

Classical Music for Babies – Toddler Bedtime

This video includes music that is slightly more energetic than some of the others listed here, but still very sleepy overall. The music is designed to help toddlers and older babies settle down for naptime and take a long enough nap throughout the day. Therefore, this video runs only for an hour and fifteen minutes, and it is not long enough to play throughout the whole night while your baby sleeps.

The video also includes information about which song is playing at what time, so you can easily find your child’s favorites.

Option #9

Baby Mozart – Baby Songs to Go to Sleep

This video includes six hours of classical music to help babies sleep better. The music does not differ much between all the songs included, so there are no major, jarring shifts that might wake up your baby.

The video also features a cute, simple, colorful design that shows a baby sleeping comfortably on a cloud, so there aren’t a lot of flashing lights or colors to distract your child while this plays.


Did you find the best music to help baby sleep through the night? The songs in the list above are sure to provide plenty of assistance as you get started. However, remember that there are plenty of other options out there too. Just be sure to listen to the full video yourself before playing it for your baby, as there can sometimes unfortunately be unpleasant people on the Internet who hide scary noises and sounds within baby sleep videos.

When you find the right video, should you play it all night or only when putting baby to sleep? This is up to you, and it varies depending on the baby. However, many babies enjoy having the music on all night so it can sing them back to sleep again if they wake up feeling fussy.

With these songs to help baby sleep, you’re sure to have a peaceful night in no time.

5 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep with Music

  1. Choose calming music that is soothing and gentle. Avoid anything too loud or upbeat.
  2. Play the music at a low volume, so it's not too distracting for your baby.
  3. Try playing the same song every night before bedtime, as this can help create a routine for your baby.
  4. Incorporate other calming activities into your baby's bedtime routine, such as reading stories or giving them a massage.
  5. Be sure to turn off the music once your baby has fallen asleep, as this will help them stay asleep longer.

ALSO: Consider using a white noise machine in addition to music to help your baby sleep!

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