Clip On Mobiles For Bassinets


As a new parent, do you find it difficult to keep your child safe and secure while they sleep? Are you concerned about the risks associated with leaving a phone in their crib? Do you want to make sure that your child can get the uninterrupted, peaceful sleep they require without being exposed to any threats or distractions? The ideal answer is bassinet clip-on mobiles! They not only give your baby a safe and secure environment, but also a variety of stimulating sights and noises that may lull them into a restful sleep. With clip-on mobiles, parents may feel secure in the knowledge that their child is secure and yet benefit from having a mobile phone nearby. Continue reading to find out more about how bassinet clip-on mobiles may make parenting simpler and safer.


Clip on bassinet mobiles are a great way to provide entertainment and stimulation for babies while they sleep.

  • They can help soothe and calm babies, helping them to fall asleep faster.
  • The bright colors and shapes of the mobile can help stimulate baby's visual development.
  • The music or sounds from the mobile can help stimulate baby's auditory development.

Learn more about how clip on mobiles for bassinets can be beneficial for your baby's development!

Is it safe to use clip on mobiles for bassinets?

How can you pick a great one?

What are some features to look for?

Bring home one of the great products listed below and you’re sure to find even more exciting features you love in your new baby mobile.

Our Choice Recommendation: Tiny Love Take Along Mobile

Tiny Love Take Along Mobile, Animal Friends, Blue
  • FUN AT HOME AND ON THE GO – Take-Along Mobile lets you take the fun anywhere
  • EASY ATTACHMENT – Goes wherever baby goes. Use on cribs, play yards, carriers, strollers, bassinets and more
  • CONTINUOUS ENTERTAINMENT – 30 minutes of uninterrupted music, with 5 different engaging melodies

When you choose the Tiny Love Take Along Mobile , you can pick between five different colors and styles to find a great fit for your baby. This choice is light and small enough to bring along for travel use, but durable enough to use long-term on your baby’s crib or bassinet as well.


  • This mobile can play music for 30 minutes without stopping.
  • The toys are brightly colored and provide lots of visual entertainment for babies.


  • This mobile is prone to falling down and may hit the baby if it does so.
  • With long-term use, this option may start making loud noises when it is in operation.

Option #2. Tiny Love Pack N Go Mini Mobile

Tiny Love Pack n Go Mini Mobile
289 Reviews
Tiny Love Pack n Go Mini Mobile
  • The perfect travel toy; Bright and colorful to entertain baby
  • Folds up to fit in the palm of your hand; So easy to take everywhere
  • Attached easily to stroller or other gear

Choose the Tiny Love Pack N Go Mini Mobile  when you’re looking for something small and compact for your baby’s bassinet or car seat. This cute little product comes in vibrant colors for visual stimulation and features lots of noise-making toys that your child will love reaching for.


  • It’s easy to attach this mobile to just about anything.
  • This mobile is so lightweight it will be easy to bring along anywhere you go.


  • This mobile doesn’t move on its own, so it’s better for older babies who can reach for it or kick it.
  • This offer may be a little too long for some car seats.

Option #3. Ivanka Trump Wildflower Collection Baby Mobile

Ivanka Trump Stargazer Collection: Baby Mobile Crib Mobile...
39 Reviews
Ivanka Trump Stargazer Collection: Baby Mobile Crib Mobile...
  • STYLISH: Ready for a chic baby nursery? Look no further than the Ivanka Trump Stargazer baby collection -...
  • PERFECT GIFT: The easy to assemble Baby Musical Mobile makes the perfect baby shower or mom-to-be gift for baby's...
  • QUALITY: Ivanka Trump's nursery, baby bedding and accessories are made from the highest of quality materials, and...

For a gentle and soft mobile that looks especially nice in a little girl’s nursery, check out the Ivanka Trump Wildflower Collection Baby Mobile . This bunny-themed mobile comes in a pink and white option that makes it a cute choice for a newborn. Babies are sure to love watching the bunnies rotating slowly around on this classic mobile.


  • This option plays Braham’s lullaby to help soothe babies to sleep.
  • This offer is made of sturdy materials and holds u well to use.


  • This mobile is very difficult to put together and may be challenging to position safely on most cribs and bassinets.
  • Some customers find that the wind-up function only allows the music to play for a few seconds before it runs out, no matter how much it is wound.

Option #4. Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Mobile

HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Mobile, Pompom
263 Reviews
HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Mobile, Pompom
  • Easily attaches to all HALO Bassinest models.
  • Gently turns as it plays Brahms’s lullaby.
  • Features cascading soft pompoms that rotate and encourage eye-tracking stimulation.

When you want something soft and simple for your little one’s mobile, consider the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Mobile . This choice comes in either a pom-pom style or a plush owl option. It’s designed for use with the Halo Bassinest but may be able to be used with other bassinets depending on their measurements.


  • This option plays Braham’s lullaby for a classic nursery option.
  • It’s very easy to clip on and remove this mobile as needed.


  • The music may be too loud for some babies.
  • The wind-up function may break easily with extended use.

Option #5. Baby Mobile for Crib

caterbee Baby Mobile for Crib, Crib Toys with Music and...
1,461 Reviews
caterbee Baby Mobile for Crib, Crib Toys with Music and...
  • With Remote Control (2.5 feet), Projection function, Auto Rotation,Light and music
  • Mobile Pack 'n Plays in 0.46"-1.55" fits most play yards, travel cribs, infant car seats, Suit for strollers, and...
  • Remote with Time setting, Cute cartoon toys spin slowly, Can attract the baby’s attention, Help to exercise...

Babies are sure to love looking at and learning from this Baby Mobile for Crib . This offer can fit on cribs, bassinets, car seats, playards and more. This choice spins slowly enough to soothe babies but offers plenty of bright and fun colors and toys to look at for keeping their attention, too.


  • This option lights up and plays lots of different types of music.
  • You can operate this mobile with a remote for convenience.


  • Some customers have had trouble with the mobile falling forward into the crib, but this is rare.
  • This offer is made from flimsy plastic.

Option #6. Wendy Bellissimo Baby Mobile

Wendy Bellissimo Baby Mobile Crib Mobile Musical Mobile -...
1,221 Reviews
Wendy Bellissimo Baby Mobile Crib Mobile Musical Mobile -...
  • STYLISH: Ready for a chic baby nursery? Look no further than Wendy Bellissimo’s Elodie collection - beautifully...
  • PERFECT GIFT: The easy to assemble Baby Musical Mobile makes the perfect baby shower or mom-to-be gift for baby's...
  • QUALITY: Wendy Bellissimo’s nursery, baby bedding and accessories are made from the highest of quality materials,...

Choose between six different colors and styles when you purchase the Wendy Bellissimo Baby Mobile . This choice is easy to put together and cute enough to use in any baby’s nursery. Although it’s designed to match with other items from the Wendy Bellissimo line, you can use it easily with just about any crib or bassinet.


  • This option is good at keeping baby’s attention despite its more neutral colors.
  • This mobile is a great size for most bassinets.


  • Some customers feel that this mobile doesn’t stay on long enough to soothe babies to sleep.
  • Some babies may not be able to sleep to the music because it is a little louder than some other mobiles.

Option #7. Musical Crib Mobile Baby Toys

This Musical Crib Mobile Baby Toys product is made of colorful plastic that looks cute and inviting, encouraging any baby to look at it and learn from it. This option also features a mirror so babies can see themselves, which is a fun activity from an early age.


  • This offer can play several different songs for your baby’s enjoyment.
  • You can take the toys off the mobile as needed for your baby to play with.


  • This choice is quite heavy and may not stay in place securely.
  • The main portion of the mobile frame may break in some instances.

Get the Best Clip On Bassinet Mobiles Today

Did you find a great mobile for your baby’s bassinet? Is a mobile for a bassinet different from one for a crib, or are the differences very small? Is it okay to look for crib mobiles as well?

A mobile designed for a crib is not really any different than one for a bassinet. Bassinet-only mobiles may be slightly smaller and lighter, but overall, these mobiles should be fairly interchangeable. For this reason, you can look at crib mobiles with no trouble when you’re buying one for your baby’s bassinet.

Here are a few features keep in mind:

  • Capable of attaching to any type of crib or bassinet. Most mobiles clip on, making them fairly universal. However, some are not, so you should always double-check that the one you’re considering will work for your bassinet.
  • Colorful and inviting. The more vibrant the mobile, the more visual stimulation it will provide your baby.
  • This offer makes sounds. Whether it plays music, has a white noise function, or just jingles or chimes, your baby should enjoy the sounds the mobile makes.
  • Easy to assemble and take down. Putting your mobile together shouldn’t be a hassle, so pick one that’s easy to work with. If you need one you can take on the go, be sure to choose one that’s even easier to set up and take down as needed.
  • Baby-safe. Of course, pick a mobile that is made of baby-friendly materials and won’t risk hurting your child in any way.

More importantly, just be sure to pay attention to the measurements and weight of this offer you’re considering to ensure it will fit your existing bassinet. This will make a big difference in making sure you pick the right size and option!

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Clip On Mobile for Your Bassinet

  1. Look for a mobile that is designed to fit your bassinet's size and shape.
  2. Choose a mobile with adjustable height settings so you can adjust it as your baby grows.
  3. Make sure the mobile has secure clips that will attach firmly to the bassinet.
  4. Check that the mobile is made from safe materials and does not contain any small parts or sharp edges.
  5. Look for a mobile with soothing music, lights, and other features to help your baby relax and sleep.

ALSO: Consider purchasing a clip on mobile with interchangeable toys so you can switch them out as your baby grows!

More Beneficial Info For Readers

These infant sleep aids are a fantastic method to occupy and calm your baby as they sleep. In addition to offering visual stimulation, mobiles can lull your baby to sleep due to their moderate motion. Additionally, they are available in a range of designs and hues, allowing you to pick one that complements the nursery's design. There are various things to take into account when selecting a clip-on mobile for your bassinet. To begin with, confirm that it is firmly fastened to the bassinet frame and won't readily come apart or fall off. To determine how swiftly or slowly the mobile moves, seek for one with customizable speed settings. Third, pick one made of gentle materials that won't hurt your baby's skin if they touch it while they are sleeping, like velvety fabric or felt. Last but not least, check to see whether it has an auto-off mode that will turn it off after a predetermined period of time. This will save energy and ensure that your child isn't bothered by the noise when they are soundly sleeping!

Usage Ideas: What Are They Effective for?

There are three primary uses for these mobile devices: They first give infants visual stimulation. The toys' vivid colors and patterns will keep your infant interested and entertained. Second, by offering a peaceful soundtrack, they can also aid in calming your baby. These mobiles frequently have built-in music or nature sounds that might soothe your child to sleep. As babies learn to reach out and grab the toys hanging from the mobile, they are also excellent for helping babies improve their motor skills. This aids in the development of their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, which are crucial for later development. Clip-on mobiles are a fantastic addition to any bassinet or crib when all these advantages are taken into consideration.

The Downsides: What To Expect

There are a few disadvantages to take into account despite the many advantages of these products. First of all, these mobiles can be fairly noisy and could impede a baby's ability to sleep. Depending on the type, the mobile's sound might be either too loud or too faint, and adjusting the level without removing the phone from the bassinet is challenging. Second, certain models need batteries, which must be replenished on a regular basis. If you don't have quick access to replacement batteries, this can add up over time and may not be feasible. Parents should opt for clip-on mobiles that have adjustable sound and light levels to overcome these drawbacks. Additionally, so they don't have to worry about replacing them as frequently, they should choose devices that use rechargeable batteries rather than disposable ones. Last but not least, if noise is a problem, parents may choose to use a white noise machine rather than a phone because it will produce more constant sound levels throughout the night.

What Criteria Should Be Applied When Assessing Them?

Safety, use, and durability are the three most crucial quantitative factors to consider while assessing these baby sleep items. Baby items must be safe above all else, thus it's crucial to look for a mobile that has passed testing and certification by an impartial third-party agency. The mobile should be simple to use and have changeable settings so that it may be changed as the baby develops. It should also be simple to connect securely to the bassinet. Last but not least, sturdiness is crucial; search for a mobile built of sturdy materials that will last repeated use.

General User Experience: What To Know

These soothing items are a wonderful way to entertain and stimulate your baby. They can assist in occupying and amusing your child while you are occupied with other duties. The greatest clip-on mobiles have a selection of toys and activities to keep your baby occupied as well as arms that can be adjusted to change the mobile's height. Some even include lights or music to heighten the experience. Make sure the clip-on mobile you choose is firmly fastened to the bassinet so it won't come off while being used. Additionally, because babies often get messy, search for models that are simple to clean and maintain!

The general procedures for using these mobiles are as follows: On begin with, confirm that your bassinet is firmly fastened to a sturdy surface. The mobile should then be fixed to the top of the bassinet and adjusted so that it hangs safely away from your child. Third, activate the mobile and observe how much your child is enjoying the images and sounds. Fourth, change the mobile's speed if necessary. Fifth, do routine checks to ensure that all components are safe and in good working order. Finally, take pleasure in seeing your child snooze off while playing with their new favorite toy. You won't have any trouble using a clip-on mobile for your bassinet if you keep these easy instructions in mind.

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